We provide educational staffing services to assist clients in solving labor-related challenges

We partner with various schools to provide quality licensed, credentialed and support staff, exactly when you need them.

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Other Educational Staffing Services

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Permanent Placement

Distance Services

Aptus providers are trained in HIPAA and FERPA compliant platforms.

In-Person Services

Aptus specialists will work alongside your staff in school and community-based settings.


Aptus evaluates students in the following areas: Academic Achievement, Health, Intellectual Development, Adaptive Behavior, Language/Speech-Communication, Motor Functioning (APE/OT/PT), Social-Emotional/Behavioral Functioning (FBA, Social-Emotional, and ERICS evals).


Aptus service providers participate in all aspects of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process including 30-day reviews, annual, tri-annuals, and addendums as prescribed by Federal and State mandates.


We provide a Complete, and Thorough Screening Process:

Upon Hiring, Employees Are Provided:

School Tailored Services

Aptus provides related services through our NPA and educational staffing to assist Schools in solving labor-related challenges while maintaining a high-quality workforce.

Whether the need is immediate, short-term, or permanent, our staffing solutions can efficiently connect you with the support of experienced professionals.

Who We Are

Our Mission

The Aptus Group is a non-public agency dedicated to providing our clients with high quality educational and therapeutic services. We partner with charter, private, and public schools, and community-based organizations throughout Southern California. Our Mission The Aptus Group seeks to provide public, private, and charter schools with exceptional special education services to ensure their students are equipped with the skills to succeed.

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Client Testimonials

“This is a great organization to work for. I feel valued and cared for as an individual and employee by Aptus. I feel free to speak with the CEO and DO anytime I have questions/concerns. I am blessed to work here!”
School Counselor, September 2019
"Wonderful and supportive people. They provide good communication and encouragement. Highly recommend working with them. Very good working environment especially when dealing with schools."
Occupational Therapist, January 2020

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